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Facade decoration elements

The Alfa Construction Invest  LLC kindly announces on its NLS DECOR brand. The Company manufactures facade fittings, facade decor elements of polystyrene in Tashkent, including sophisticated landscape design of foam board (polystyrene) of various thickness and density.
We are willing to implement designer and architect concepts of any complexity!

A range of service we offer includes:

  • Wedding event decoration;
  • Event agencies, wedding and other ceremony facilitators are welcome for beneficial collaboration;
  • Event site visit by specialist, measurements;
  • Manufacture of polystyrene facade elements in Tashkent (foam polystyrene);
  • All kinds of facade settings and insulation;
  • Residential housing and building facade restoration;


Recently, items of foam material are widely used for numerous purposes, and namely: in packaging and food industry, in construction area, for domestic needs, for wall, flooring and ceiling insulation, for interior design, in floristics, to arrange ceremonies and promotional events. Extruded foam polystyrene (XPS) items are often used to side and finish building facades, door and window openings, ceiling whereas the figures of polystyrene are often found in park, public gardens and inner yards of most country houses.

Polystyrene holds its niche in the sphere of architectural and design decor competing with conventional stone, marble or gypsum.

This is, first of all, due to its advantages as follow:

  • when using foam material, any item may be shaped in any possible way due to its plasticity and ease of processing;
  • items of polystyrene may be shaped to have absolutely flat surface with no visible joints;
  • the material is lightweight;
  • it is easy and convenient to assemble foam-made items without a need in specific tools;
  • foam elements are highly resistant to such climatic factors as the wind or precipitations, to UV impact and temperature drops.
  • environmental safety - manufacture of items of polystyrene is absolutely safe and non-toxic;
  • durability – due to specific coating, the foam material is not exposed to fungi or yeast, bio degradation or insect attack;
  • fire safety – the polystyrene has the ability to self-extinguishability, if on fire;
  • reasonable and attractive prices for foam items since it is the cheapest material used for architectural decor, for example.


Alfa Construction Invest LLC is in the buisiness of foam item production of any shape, dimension and complexity. You are welcome here. Within the range of our services and the goods we manufacture, we offer foam letters, words and titles, polystyrene figures and figurines, facade decor elements and a lot more.

Our specialists are willing to design and manufacture decor elements of extruded foam (high density polystyrene) and common polystyrene for quite attractive prices.

We manufacture foam elements using NC machine tools of advanced technology through profile and contour cutting. These methods are perfect to manufacture any elements reaching the highest possible accuracy.

Then, all attributes are throughly sanded, primed and painted, and if required, they are coated with special solutions to protect against infavorable climatic conditions.

Our Company is open to new collaborations and clients. We are willing to supply our quality products based on unique solutions to any clients in any area of Uzbekistan.

Are you still hesitating to consider the polystyrene as the trendy, actual and reliable material for

you? So, welcome and review our works. You will get nicely surprised to see the variety of items

of perfect appearance!


Offer - delivery.

To all clients - low-priced delivery.


Crepix Plaster Reinforcing mesh

The plaster reinforcing mesh by the render system technology is for sale.


The foam-made column line is extended!

More beautiful columns of any shape and size!



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